Turbotax 2018 Deluxe crashes constantly
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Turbotax 2018 Deluxe crashes constantly

I'm running Turbotax 2018 Deluxe 2018.31.13.231 on Windows 10.  The app crashes sometimes when I advance topics filling in forms and sometimes when I save the file.  It has done this 5 times in about 30 minutes today.  A few days ago when I first used it the app closed when I saved the file and I just assumed I had selected a save-and-close menu option and thought nothing of it at the time since I was done for the moment.  When I ran the app today there was no file and I had to reenter everything.  When I restart the app it recovers the file and sometimes I lose data, sometimes not.  I don't see a log file that I can check.


Has anyone else encountered issues like this?  Is the app not yet stable?  I find it hard to trust an app that crashes this frequently and I am not thrilled about have to keep reentering data.

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