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Get your taxes done using TurboTax

Congrats!.  Happy to hear your federal file was accepted.   However, what do you do if you were employed full time in 2018, and due to taxes being withheld from your paycheck by your employer, you didn't pay estimated tax?   Personally, I don't know anyone who pays estimated tax if they have a full time job.   Should I perhaps type in "I paid X in tax in 2018 which is more than 85% of Y of actual 2018 tax due" instead of "85% waiver" on Form 2210 Part II Box A??


IRS does state 85% waiver, and waiver in case your 2017 tax liability was at least 100% of your 2018 tax liability at this link.


This problem with Form 2210 e-file doesn't seem to be unique to TurboTax.  Other software companies seem to be having same issue.  I'm beginning to wonder if this an IRS issue.   Whether it be IRS or software companies, come on, please fix this issue ASAP so we can get tax return done and out of the way.  When there's underpayment penalty issue involved, the sooner we file, the better it would be.