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Yes, I totally empathize as I'm in same shoes.   I would think, or at least hope that both IRS and tax software companies are aware of this e-file issue with Form 2210.   This issue with Form 2210 e-file is also affecting State returns as tax reform causing tax increase in federal tax is affecting state tax in my case, and this means underpayment penalty and interest payment to the State.  When there are penalty and interest to be paid whether to the state or federal, the sooner you file and the sooner you pay, the better it would be.  I hope the tax software companies gets this right sooner than later.    Software companies may just tell you to paper file this year, but I highly prefer to e-file, as the cost of the tax software covers 5 federal e-files, and e-file is more convenient, and you can know within one day whether the IRS accepted your federal return.  With paper-file, that's not possible.  I prefer to see that my federal return gets accepted by IRS, and then file with the State, but if you paper file, you can't do that and you just hope that your federal return was accepted by IRS.