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Anyone else having problem e-filing with IRS Form 2210 under tax reform

 When tax reform passed during 2018, I didn't realize I had to increase my withholding for 2018 to pay more tax which I'm now doing for 2019.  However, my 2018 tax went up enough for me to deal with underpayment penalty.  Until 2017, it seems like if you paid more than 90% of actual tax due, you can claim penalty waiver, but for 2018, IRS seems to be doing a one time lowering to 85% which I qualify for.  In part II of Form 2210, I checked box A, You request a waiver of your entire penalty due to tax reform or other reasons.  I put "85% waiver" on box A line.   (I think I qualify for waiver on another criteria other than 85% because I paid more tax in 2017 than tax due in 2018).


However, IRS keeps rejecting my return with code 32-FD-F2210-003 which has to be about Form 2210.  Anyone else having problem e-filing with Form 2210?  I understand I can paper file, but it's not only more convenient to e-file, and it may take months to know if IRS accepted your federal return by paper filing.  Are you required to paper file if you have to file Form 2210?  Do you have to include an explanation in a Word file about why you are requesting the penalty waiver if you have to paper file in this kind of situation?