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Hi Scarlet!


Thanks for your reply!  I wanted to check to see if you had a question - based on my options/suggestions, and I am glad I checked in on this post to see your additional question!


Here is what I need to know to be best able to advise you - are you accessing the IRS Information re: your account on the "Where's My Refund" Tool on the IRS website, or are you using the actual "IRS Transcript Tool" on the webpage?  I ask - because the Transcript Tool provides superior information as opposed to the Where's My Refund Tool.


Also - have you tried to work with the IRS Taxpayer Advocate Service to resolve this yet?  The IRS Taxpayer Advocate was set up in the mid-90s to help taxpayers resolve their issues with the IRS - where who owes whom what - is the issue.  The IRS Taxpayer Advocate is especially helpful when the missing tax refund is causing a form of financial hardship to the taxpayer and their family.


Please let me know the answers to these questions - and then I can give you some additional options and suggestions to resolve your tax question!!


And - as always - Thank You for Choosing TurboTax Live!