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IRS update on my AGI

I filed my 2020 tax return prior to the amendment reducing my income by 10,200.00. I was on UI benefits since 3/2020. I DID have EDD withhold Federal taxes the whole year. Even so,  I OWED the feds $352.00 The IRS took the $352.00 from my checking account(because I am on DD with them). then I waited for them to amend the program , reduce my AGI by the $10,200.00 and send me a refund. I did finally get my refund...but what about the $352.00 I paid?? so I went to the IRS site to request a transcript of my return to see how they figured my refund. what I can see and access is my original filing. It does not look like they will show me their AGI HAS NOT BEEN ADJUSTED in the records. How do I check on them...? what about the $352.00 I PAID THEM??? Thank you so much for helping me figure this out...