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@ MapleHillGang wrote:

totally agree I purchased the CD and now I am unable to use it now what?

Without any info, I'll assume you have Windows 7, since that is the title of this thread you're posting in.   2020 TurboTax requires Windows 8 or higher.   Windows 7 is not supported.


If you wish, you can use Online TurboTax instead to prepare a 2020 return, since it uses a browser.  But it's a separate product, and your CD purchase will not qualify to pay for Online TurboTax.  So you can ask for a refund for the CD.


If the store/site where you purchased the CD won't give you a refund, you can use this online refund request to seek a refund from TurboTax.


If you have any problem, here's how to speak to someone at TurboTax Support.

Hours are currently 5AM-5PM Pacific (8AM-8PM Eastern) Monday-Friday.


You can use this contact form to get a phone number, or it may schedule a callback.