Re: 2018 1098-T Issue
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AJ - thx so much for the evidence and explanation  - it was quite helpful


But here is my remaining question.  Can you please evidence the advice to override the 1098-T?  That is a document that comes from the college and documents their records and is further sent to the IRS.  Overriding it invalidates the Turbo Tax guarantee if there are additional taxes or penalties that later surface


When imputting the 1098-T, right under the Box 1 input, there is a link that says 'what happens if this is not what I paid to this school'; once you click the link it provides opportunity to fill in another number which presumably would include the payment made in late 2018 and not posted  until 2019 by the college. 


Any reason this is not the more elegant and appropriate way of solving for this issue as it doesn't change what the college sent the IRS (which could open up a letter / audit issue) and doesn't impact the Turbo Tax guarantee? 

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