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Expected timing of the software update for elimination of APTC repayment for 2020

Help re: the timing of the software update for the APTC repayment for 2020. 


I had about $10k in APTC for 2020 (line 29 of form 8962).


Last week the TT software (rightly) suggested holding off on filing my federal taxes until TT could update the software to incorporate the elimination of the requirement to repay the APTC.  I downloaded an update this afternoon and looked to see if the update was incorporated.  There was no change to form 8962 or my numbers; however, there was also no notice to hold off on filing my federal return.  


Does anyone know when TT will have the software updated?  I've seen a reference for an option to sign up for an email when this update is implemented, but don't know where to go.  If anyone can point me in the right direction, that would be most appreciated.

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