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Thanks for the reponse


The issue  I have is I did not attach the statement.


I went to a tax assistance center and applied ITIN. The officer at the tax assistance center took the ITIN application and 2019 tax return. He made copies of the W7 application and the 2019 return and gave me the copies. He took the original return and W7 form and informed me that they will be sent to IRS office from the tax Assistance center itself and we need not do anything. When I tried to submit the Declaration to treat spouse as Resident alien, he told us the system determined the status is ‘Married Filing Jointly’ and told no need of declartion.


So as the 2019 return is not still not processed I am not sure if my spouse is treated as Resident for 2019 tax year and the selection is applied from 2019and forward. W7 was processed and ITIN was delivered to us.