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@pippy wrote:

I'm running TT Premier 2018 Desktop version.  TT checked the box on the form, not me.  Then TT asserted the error that the box should not be checked.  My estimated taxes paid were more than what my 2017 taxes were and more than my 2018 tax liability.  I did software development for 25+ years. Seems like a bug in TT to me but maybe I've missed something. Your withholding and estimated taxes paid situation may be different.  For example, from looking at the form, if one has withheld more than the 2017 tax liability Form 2210 exits very early.  Not my case as I pay quarterly estimated taxes, which cause a different flow through the form.




 I am in exactly the same position and want it fixed before I submit my tax return.  I have DeLuxe but that shouldn't matter.