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We're so used to everything we entering having a "place" on the tax return, so I understand the panic!  In this case, it doesn't sound like you have anything to worry about.  there are a number of reasons you may not have been eligible for the credit - too few hours, too much income, too little expense (because of the grants), etc. but as long as you entered everything straight from those forms and answered all of the questions that answer is typically right when it says that.  It can get complicated when you have distributions from 529 plans but that's another story. 


However, in your case there isn't anything that you have to disclose. You entered what you did so Turbotax could determine if you had a credit, or a taxable income situation and when you didn't have either it didn't produce anything because you didn't have any benefit to gain or any income you were required to declare. 


That form itself doesn't have a disclosure requirement the same way your W2 or other things do.  Hang onto it with your other important documents, but you can sleep well tonight - you don't have anything to worry about!