Level 6

Get your taxes done using TurboTax


What are you trying to accomplish on the tax return? The 1098-T has nothing that really has to be "disclosed" on the tax return.  What are you expecting to see? 


The form is used for one of two things - to help you calculate the education credit, or to report a taxable scholarship (which wouldn't go on your tax return if your son is the student) so I am assuming that you may have a potential tax credit here. 


If your son's Box 5 is greater than his Box 1, then you don't have anything to take a credit for (most likely). This would explain why you would see nothing on your tax return - there is nothing to see.


If that isn't the case (Box 5 is not greater than Box 1), then go back to deductions & credits and walk back through the education section carefully to be sure your answers are all still marked correctly and let us know what the program says at the end about your credit.