Re: Accidentally filed Non-Filer, how to fix
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I also accidentally filed non-filer for 2019, and followed the advice on this thread to correct my error. This is my timeline:


May 2020: Accidentally filed non-filer

June 2020: Filed an amended 1040x paper return, with a cover letter explaining my error

June 2020: Made a payment for taxes due, ~$2500

....waited update on my account....

February 2021: Received a paper check refund for ~$2500 (and no documents from IRS)

February 2021: (plan to) return the paper check to the IRS by mail marked VOID with brief explanation cover letter


I'm assuming the IRS has yet to process my paper return. I assume returning the voided check would be right thing to do.


Does this make sense, or does anyone have any advice?






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