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Why can't i file two different peoples for free in turbo tax?

I filed my taxes state and federal and printed them with no charge, then I tried to file my sister's taxes and they charged me $ 29.99 to print her state forms. 


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The deadline for the state to be free in the free edition was 3/15/2018.  After that date the state had an additional charge. 

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Get your taxes done using TurboTax

There is also The Turbo Tax Freedom website which is free for federal and state.  And has more forms than the Federal Free Edition, like the full 1040 return and Schedules A, B, C , D, E, F, EIC, H, K-1, SE,  etc.

To qualify for the Tax Freedom website  you just need to meet one of these 3 things
AGI $33,000 or less
Active duty military with AGI of $66,000 or less
OR qualify for EIC (earned income credit.)

In order to use the Tax Freedom Edition, you have to start it at a special website:
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Do not sign in at the top.  Use the bottom I QUALIFY START NOW
and set up a new account or it will take you back to regular Turbo Tax.

How to switch to Tax Freedom
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