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I had also send letter to IRS to discontinue ITIN and update with SSN .

But i din't find CP565, so i send my latest tax return where my ITIN was there with my spouse return as ITIN proof. Will it work?


Also i need to apply for PTIN, what would be the process since registering for PTIN give me 3 option 

1) apply with SSN :- I have SSN but my previous return are with ITIN

2) "Without SSN" :- only if you do not have a Social Security Number and you reside outside of the United States

    Which i am not ? also i have SSN

3) ""With SSN – No Recent Tax Return" if you file your tax returns with the Departamento de Hacienda (Puerto Rico) instead of with the U.S. Internal Revenue Service."

This option is also not for me 


Please assist me with above 2 queries 

1) can i provide the 2019 tax return as proof for CP565? if not what could replace CP565

2) How to apply PTIN