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Get your taxes done using TurboTax

I was tricked with that free state return filing also.  I was going to go ahead and charge it to my credit card and request a refund later but to use my credit card there's a $39.99 processing fee, plus the $24.99 state efile fee.   I lost some confidence and didn't want to give permission to take it from my refund.  It appears the Federal return really is free to efile.   I couldn't sign in because I tried to change my forgotten password and something got screwed up.  I cannot efile at all now, because I chose to file both returns at the beginning.   I can't locate a phone number or any online help for technical support, so I guess I'll just take it to the post office.   I've been a loyal Turbo-Tax user for about 40 years and it just gets worse and worse every year.