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Once you qualify and obtain a SSN, you are required to notify the IRS of the change and discontinue using the ITIN. Once notified, the IRS will combine your tax records and begin using your SSN. Because the IRS automatically combines all of your tax records, you do not have to file an amended return to change the ITIN to a SSN. The IRS will automatically make the change to your tax return once it receives your request.


Write a letter to the IRS requesting that your ITIN be combined with your new SSN. Include your name, ITIN, Social Security number and mailing address.


Make a copy of your Social Security card.


Make a copy of your CP565 notice, which is the Notice of ITIN Assignment you received from the IRS when assigned your ITIN.


Attach the copies of your Social Security card and the CP565 form to the back of the letter.


Sign and date the letter. Mail all three documents to: Internal Revenue Service Austin, TX 73301-0057

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