Can't efile because of QBI Rental Real Estate Ente...
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Can't efile because of QBI Rental Real Estate Enterprise Statement

I have several rental properties that I have to aggregate under the QBI Safe Harbor allowance, since this is the only way for me to satisfy the record-keeping requirements as I don't spend enough time on each property by itself. However, when I do my federal review, I get the message that I have to file a paper return because I "have QBI Rental Real Estate Enterprise Statement" that is not supported by TurboTax for e-filing.


I seem to recall some other threads (which I can no longer find) where a TT expert said there might be an update which would allow attachment of a signed .pdf and therefore the ability to e-file? I'm wondering if anyone knows if there is such a possibility, or if I should just resign myself to the immense hassle of printing 100 pages and mailing them, as the deadline is fast approaching.


Thanks for any feedback or suggestions!

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