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I'm 20 years old and live with my parents, I'm on my fathers health insurance, can he claim me as a dependent?

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Were you a full-time college student in 2016?  Did you earn over $4050 in 2016?
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Only one of two ways.

Way one:

If you were:

 - Under the age of 24 on Dec 31 of the tax year, AND:
 - Enrolled as at least a half time college student during the tax year for one semester that started in the tax year, AND
 - You the student DID NOT provide more than half of YOUR OWN SUPPORT during the tax year. (There is no requirement with this method, for the parent to provide any support - not one single penny.)

Way two:

If you were:

 - Over the age of 18 on Dec 31 of the tax year AND
 - You were NOT enrolled as a student in ANY qualified institution as clarified above, AND
 - You did NOT earn more than $4050 of your own income during the tax year AND
 - You lived in your dad's house for the entire year AND
 - Your dad paid for more than half of your support in the tax year.

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