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Get your taxes done using TurboTax

When you get to the healthcare questions, TurboTax Online will ask a number of multiple choice questions:

  • If you and your dependents were all covered all year
    • If so, it will continue normally to the next question/answer phase
  • If you and your dependents were covered some of the year
    • If this was the case, it will then ask additional clarifying questions
  • If nobody was covered all year.
    • If so, it will continue normally to the next question/answer phase

If a person is covered 1 day of a month only, they are considered covered that entire month...for purposes of this section of your tax return.

FYI:  The Government understands there are situations a person may have not had coverage 25% of the year (3 months...coincidence?).  Just go through the questions, answer as best you can, and we'll work with you to prepare your tax return. 

There are some question/answer panels that have blue links on the bottom to clarify some situations, or provide guidance.  Please check them before answering any question too quickly, they may apply to you.

If you did not have coverage the entire year on a dependent or yourself, please confirm the months you were covered. You'll either get a form from your insurance provider that includes this, or you can contact them telephonically to get this information.

This information is important in your tax return preparation to make sure you do not get overcharged if a fee were imposed as well as ensure your return is accurate.

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