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Get your taxes done using TurboTax

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You should have a tax history report if you have been using TurboTax in prior years and transferred the prior years into TurboTax each time.  It should have 2,3,4,5 years depending on how many years you have been doing that.


How to find it will depend on whether one is using Online TurboTax or the desktop software.   It's definitely present in the desktop version, and should be present in the Online version, too, since they both use the *.tax2019 data file where it is contained.   In the desktop software, go into Forms Mode and look down near the bottom of the Federal portion of the left column forms list.


In Online TurboTax, here's how to get a larger PDF with the worksheets and extra pages by opening the return back up and going to the Print Center inside the return:


NOTE:  When you open your return back up, do not make any changes in it if it's already been filed.  If you later have to amend the return, it has to start off exactly as it was when it was originally filed.


  • Log in and at the Tax Home or in the section "Your Tax Returns & Documents" for 2019, look for a link "Add a State."
  • Click on "Add a State."  (you don't really add one.  That's just to open your return back up.)
  • After the return is open, click in the left menu column on TAX TOOLS, then PRINT CENTER.
  • Then choose "Print, save, view this year's return."
  • The next screen should offer some options:  "Just my tax returns", or "include government worksheets (optional)", or "include government and TurboTax worksheets (optional.)"
  • The latter has the most pages and the most likely to have the tax history report.

NOTE:  Remember all PDF tax documents and tax data files are very sensitive files, since they contain your personal ID info, financial data, and possibly bank account numbers, etc.  Be sure to store them safely and securely to guard against computer theft, hacking, etc.