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Hello guys,


I have filed by Tax return for 2019 and applied ITIN for my spouse using w7 form at a Tax assistance center. It is done on feb 27, 2020. Around April 27, my spouse is eligible to SSN and applied for SSN and was issued a SSN. My tax return it not processed yet, as it is a Paper filing.


What should I do now?

Should I report the new SSN of my spouse to IRS before the ITIN is issued? ( Will they stop issuing ITIN and use SSN for processing in this scenario ?)

Wait for the ITIN to be issued and then report the SSN?

Wait for both ITIN issuance and Tax return processing to be complete and then report the SSN?


I could not find answers for this scenario anywhere online and the IRS telephonic lines are not accepting calls for live assistance and TAC's are closed till further notice.


Thanks for the help!!