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You are more than welcome to follow up! But I do have bad news about hobby income/expenses. In the past, you'd report hobby income under Other Miscellaneous Income in TurboTax. Then, you could be able to claim a deduction for your hobby expenses, up to the amount of income you made. You would claim the expenses as a  Miscellaneous Deduction, subject to a 2% floor limitation. In 2018, you still report hobby income as Miscellaneous Income.


But now, in 2018, the new tax law doesn't even let you do that. The IRS expects you to report your income from your hobby but doesn't allow any deductions for expenses at all.  See this link to the TurboTax discussion of hobbies.


If you don't have any income to report from this hobby, then you don't have to report anything at all on your return, not even to tell the IRS that you aren't doing this anymore.

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