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Tax Refund & Stimulus check

Here's a new one.  I filed my taxes saturday 4/11.  I wanted to make sure and get them done before the stimulus checks went out because I was newly Head of Household in 2019 from married filing joint.  My return was accepted that saturday.  Come Tuesday 4/14, I noticed the stimulus check direct deposited to my account - although an odd amount that seemed to be based on "single" status, not Head of household, I was pleased to get it.  I didn't notice at the time if it was a pending transaction.

Today I went on my account and found my tax refund for 2019 had been deposited yesterday.  It was substantial, almost double what the stimulus deposit was.  But the original deposit for the stimulus last week was gone.  No evidence it ever existed.  Does anyone know what the issue is?  Why would they do that?  Did their system freak out because I got two deposits.   I tried googling every scenario but there's nothing helpful.  Anyone heard anything?  Thank you