Re: Why was my stimulus rejected
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I haven't filed taxes since 2013-14  because now unable to work because when I tried to go back to work my condition got much, much worse. I only get federal assistance which isn't much. I'm pending social security. I filed out the proper form and entered my savings account information so I can get my stimulus check direct deposit. Not only did your free portal reject it so did the IRS one. I'm curious if it's because my identity was stolen a few years ago and bc I wasn't sent a code and just made one up is that why it was rejected?? I need my stimulus check asap I'm behind 2 months on bills that federal assistance and my moms ashes etc she passed away April 1st. These things aren't paid for by the little federal assistance I get. Churches won't help non members at all sadly.  I don't want to mess out on getting my check. Help!!

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