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For people who entered their bank info on the get my payment tool before 04/22 we supposedly are to be included in the next wave of deposits by 04/29th.  I posted this yesterday but for some strange reason my posts with website links Are disappearing assuming by TurboTax people thinking it’s spam that or they prefer people be left In the dark, but here’s the info from the article. 

Washington-In the second big wave of stimulus payments, the IRS will send money over the next few days to people who recently provided their direct-deposit information. These payments will likely go to two groups: One set is tax filers who successfully used the Internal Revenue Service website’s “Get My Payment” tool to add bank information by midday on April 22, according to the IRS. The other set is people who don’t file tax returns but who receive Social Security or Social Security disability benefits, according to the Treasury Department. The payments could follow the pattern that occurred when the government sent the first round of direct deposits two weeks ago. Then, the Treasury notified banks of the coming payments on a Friday. Some people saw the money in their accounts within hours. Nearly all the payments had arrived by the following Wednesday. This time around, that would mean payments arriving by April 29.