Re: Turbo Card and Coronavirus Stimulus
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again I will say this one more time only because I know there's people out there like me that there are spaces are stuck in their phones trying to figure out answer well I have an answer I've been on the phone with TurboTax for the last two days and y have not been able to get an answerthey did not know if stimulus checks were or were not going to be able to be deposited on the card yet even though stimulus checks have start going out and I know that because five of my friends received theirs via chime. so just so happened the lady I spoke with last night just called me 30 minutes ago and I saw an 800 number and said well I'll just answer it and it was the lady the representative from TurboTax that assisted me last night that had told me that she knew they were not sure yet if payments were or were not going to be put on and she said she just got an update and when she got the update she thought of me and she thought it would be nice to give me a call and let me know that stimulus checks will be deposited on turbo cards I had my taxes done this year I did them on TurboTax and got a turbo card and opted to have the fee taken out of my refund so for people in this situation yes it is official they will be sending the stimulus payments to your card put your mind at ease I promise you I would never post this if it did not happen the lady just called me telling me they just found out.

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