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The first question it asks: Is this activity a qualified trade or business under Section 199A?  Yes or No?  YES

If this business was operated Taxpayer, check this box: DO NOT CHECK

If this business was operated by Spouse, check this box: YES

If this business was operated jointly by Taxpayer and Spouse, check this box: DO NOT CHECK

Check this box if you use your own name as your business name: YES

Check this box if you used your home address as your business address: YES

Check this box if you completely disposed of this business in a fully taxable transaction during 2019: DO NOT CHECK


A.  Principal business or profession, including product or service: Translation Services

B.  Enter principal business code 541990

C.  Business name.  If no separate business name, leave blank. No Entry

D.  Employer identification number (EIN), if any: No Entry

--Business Address Information Smart Worksheet

E.  Business Street address No Entry

F.  Account method:  (1) Cash, (2) Accrual, (3) Other (specify) Cash

G.  Did you 'materially participate' in the operation of this business during 2019?  If 'No', see instructions for limits on losses.  Yes or No? YES

H.  If you started or acquired this business during 2019, check here: YES, if this is the first year.

I.  Did you make any payments in 2019 that would require you to file Form(s) 1099?  Yes or No? No

J.  If "Yes", did you or will you fill all required Forms 1099? No Entry



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