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Yes, you are correct. Your son should not be included in this credit and there is a way to remove him from this list.

Please check the drop down menu at the beginning of the interview for your 19 year old that is in college. In the drop down menu, above Kindergarten, there should be an option listed "Not in K-12."


If you are not seeing this, then the state needs to be re-done so that you can see this option to exclude him from the K-12 credit. The easiest way to do this is to delete and re-add the state as listed above.


However, if there are additional details you would like to preserve, you could try to delete the M1M and any related worksheets.


To do this in TurboTax Online, follow these steps:

  • From the left menu, select Tax Tools>
  • Tools>
  • Delete a form
  • Scroll to Form M1M in the Minnesota section, click delete and confirm the decision
    • Look for any related education credit worksheets and delete them as well
  • Sign out and close out of the browser completely. 
  • Wait a minute
  • Sign in using an Incognito Chrome Browser window 

Please tag me here with @ and my username, KathrynG3, if the results are still not as expected. 



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