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Get your taxes done using TurboTax

These links may help explain and guide you through the process.


The free TurboTax Stimulus Registration product is designed to help you register with the IRS if you’re not required to file a tax return, to get your stimulus money.

The product is only for people who normally don’t need to file a return.

The product doesn’t work if you:

  • Already filed your taxes with TurboTax and need to add/update your direct deposit info.
  • Filed your taxes with someone else.


From <>
 link to stimulus registration (SR).  It is very important that you uses this link that says register now if you don't need to file taxes this year.  Otherwise, you will not be able to E-file a zero return. It also has the calculator.


The IRS says it is working on developing a web-based system for people to give the government their direct-deposit information. Keep checking for more details on this.


The IRS is in the process of creating a site


If you only want to change your Direct Deposit Information


The Treasury is expected to shortly announce an online portal where direct deposit information can be supplied to the IRS. Here is what you should do: 


Go to to see if they have set up the online portal. (This article will be updated with the web address once it’s available.)

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