Re: What is Total Basis in my Traditional IRA
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Yes, I just have a rollover account based on the article.   I don't have a contribution account meaning the only contributions during my working years were pre-tax dollar contributions to my employer sponsered 401K.   During my retirement, I never made traditional IRA contributions.


However, one more question, during my retirement I transferred my entire rollover account balance from custodian A to custodian B as a direct transfer.   Custodian B is calling my account as a Traditional IRA instead of Rollover IRA  since they don't know nor care for my previous rollover to custodian A.    Of course, the transfer was not deductible, and I did not make any annual contributions following and before the transfer.   Does the transfer of rollover IRA account to a Traditional IRA change the total basis in any way?   I believe in the eyes of IRS, rollover IRA and traditional IRA works the same way?

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