Re: Do I must file my tax return in 2018
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The normal filing due date for the tax year 2018 return is April 15, 2019. The extended filing date is October 15, 2019. Paper returns need to be mailed after mid-November, 2019 when tax year 2018 e-filing shuts down. The final filing date is April 15, 2022. Tax software like TurboTax will operate within these deadlines. You've never filed a return before and don't know this?

There are too many possible situations for anyone to say with certainty that you must file or should file. For example, kiddie tax, household employee tax, retirement account withdrawal taxes, and things like child tax credit might apply to you based on other factors you forgot to mention because you didn't realize they were relevant. You're asking the public community to prepare an informal, draft return for you, for free in a public forum, based on a brief sketch you've provided. Not only is there a huge liability for someone to do that, plus privacy issues, there's a high possibility of inaccuracy. The best thing for you to do is go through the tax software interview process and find out the result!
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