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Thanks for your help, AJ & Cparke3. I still have few questions regard filing return.

1)Base on what you (AJ) just said, it seems to me the Gross Income NOT family member death will determine whether I must file my tax return ? For example, as year 2018, the Gross Income threshold for a married couple (no kids) is $25300, as long as my family (me & my deceased wife) Total Gross Income (including: earned interest, SSA benefit, Capital Gain....) is below stated amount, then I will NOT require to file tax return ?

2)As you (AJ) just said, I can remain use “Married Joint Filing” status to file my current tax return, I just wonder if I remain UNMARRIED & do not live with my kids, how many YEARS can I claim my status as “Married Joint Filing” ? If somehow I am not be able to claim myself as “Married Joint Filing” status in the future, can I use “single” filing status instead ?

3)Cparke3, If I am sure I do not owe any tax but due a refund, I will have 3 years to file the return and claim the refund & credit, let’s say if I file my tax return in year 2019, how can I claim refund for 2018 ? I mean will tax software (Ex: Turbo Tax, H&R Block....) provide such options ?

Thanks for all your inputs.