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Both me and my wife are green card holders (Permanent resident of U.S), we all over 65 years old and have already collected Social Security benefit. Unfortunately, my wife passed away in the March of 2018. Prior to her death, the Total Gross Income of my family includes $7500/Year from SSA retirement benefit plus my wife use to collect $40/Month pension from her work. However, the pension money is gone after she passed away (because she doesn’t appoint any beneficiary). We Do Not have any dependents and NO tax payers claim us as dependents. Except Social Security Benefit & pension money, we DO NOT have any other assets (house, stock, options....) and source of income (dividend, IRA distribution...).

Base on the information I am provided, will I (as a survivor spouse) HAVE TO file the tax return for Year 2018 ? Please help, any input will be appreciated.