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Hi Kathryn:


Thank you for your condolences.  I did fill out form 1310 and checked box C and answered all questions.  However Turbo Tax will not let me efile my mother's tax return.  Turbo Tax says it is an IRS regulation that Form 1310 cannot be efiled.   But if the tax return can be efiled does Turbo Tax need to put an update in?  If the tax return cannot be efiled, and  since I have not been made executor of my mother's estate yet, (tied up in the court system UGH) how do I sign the tax return on her behalf?  I would prefer to efile especially since New York State preferred all tax returns to be efiled, and they are very adamant about that only a signature can be on a New York State return.  Any attempt to manually write on the tax return or to change a number would not be calculated.


Thank you so very much for your help

Ray Gorman