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e-file rejection after death - TurboTax clearly at fault

I have read another individual's post regarding this same issue. If I post, perhaps Intuit will wake up. My stepfather died in March of 2019. Last year's taxes were filed using TurboTax and I did so via e-file. I also filed them just after he passed so I informed the software he was dead. This year, same thing goes. He's dead. Software knows. I get to the end and to electronically sign the taxes and it shows my mother's name. It then populates her PIN, date of birth and today's date. Taxes get rejected. Reason is IND-031-04. I then verify 2018's AGI is correct and go through all the screens again. e-file rejects again. This is a constant loop. "Tax Experts" suggest I verify the AGI with the IRS so I created an account and verified the transcripts that are on file. Each time they suggest the same thing even though I tell them I've done this over and over. Then they suggest I print them. That's about 42 pages and no easy way to buy postage right now. COVID19 and all that. How about Intuit opens their eyes and sees that this problem is happening with more than one person AND TAKE RESPONSIBILITY AND FIX IT.