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Get your taxes done using TurboTax

I had trouble using some of the above work a rounds using the Deluxe version. I think the one suggestion saying to click on Jump To works if you happen to find the Jump To link.  Probably the easiest way is to go to the top menu and Click on FORMS right below STEP BY STEP, which you will use to get back to the prompts. 


However, when you click on FORMS and go to 1098-T it will start off as if the Taxpayers are the Students, you need to scroll a little and then click on the child's name to link it. Then you'll enter the amounts from the 1098T. But maybe you have to enter data before link.  I don't remember since I started over with a new form since I wasn't confident in TurboTax's computation.


INTUIT please take note...

We buy this software because we do not want to have to know how to do taxes on our own.  I feel sorry for the parents whose first year with a 1098-T is this year and don't realize your software is screwed up.  It was my fourth year so I was familiar enough to know something was wrong.  I waited a week with hopes of an update coming out.  Then I started over and completed it.  This with your update screen showing a broken link "MORE INFO" has convinced me that you no longer care about the quality of your products.  A few years ago I made you aware of a calculation error on VA state for multi state filers and you never updated it, I suspect because of end of season.  I am going to reconsider buying Turbotax in the future after decades of use.


Maybe I'll send a letter to your company with a CC to IRS.


How much profit will you lose if you have your programmers add the prompt to add in 1098-T information?

Then you should send an email to the registered owners to update their software and rerun their calculations if they have already filed and have college students.


Thank you.