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Get your taxes done using TurboTax

What the heck.  Your response is BS.  I am a real person with a real question and no BOT.  So TurboTax response sounds like a reason not to answer a real customer question.  If that is TurboTax's response, them I feel no one should buy TurboTax.  If there is a BOT, it was installed as part of TurboTax software purchased on Amazon.  Should I post a complaint on Amazon because it appears you are not taking the issue seriously?  Just to confirm what the issue is, I start TurboTax and a dialog pops up saying there are updates to be applied.  I click button to do update.  When updates are complete, a dialog box appears stating there were program and form updates applied and it has a link to check what updates were.  The link goes to a TurboTax web site that is TurboTax Support page but there is no list of updates.  I am not dreaming this and it is a REAL problem.