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Get your taxes done using TurboTax

I have read through all the replies to the original question, I have decided LinaJ2020 (and all the other "experts") are not real people. I believe that every Intuit response is made by a robot (or something) that finds a keyword and responds with an off the shelf stock sentence.

The question was simply - what has changed? - and LinaJ2020 responded with <Online> and <Check for updates> which (if you did it) only says "Your software is up to date". Well SURPRISE SURPRISE (Gomer Pyle 1965). I clicked the update button to get into the program but I (and apparently lots of other users) have no idea what was changed. Critical? Should I redo my taxes? Has Covid 19 destroyed Intuit? 

So LinaJ2020 (and all the other bots) here are some more keywords to ponder - H&R Block, Tax ActTax Slayer. And look - Rakuten has cash back rebates of 8% , 7.5% and 37.5% respectively.