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Get your taxes done using TurboTax

I am also having problems with TurboTax Home and Business this year which I have never had in all the years I have used TurboTax.  While I shouldn't have to, I did call Customer Support and after 30 minutes of boring music, got connected to someone who could do nothing but say Yes, TurboTax is having some update glitches.  Really? while a lot of people just want to file and get their tax refund? 


I find that data is not being automatically imported as it used to be.  Just two examples (1) the input of previous UCC from 2018 and (2) the previous years (2018) data in DSUM.  Is this because software resources are dedicated to the Windows 10 version?  But I bought my Home and Business CD when Windows 7 was still supported by Microsoft and, in fact, I am still getting Windows 7 updates from Microsoft as recently at March 7th.


I have never seen such problems with TurboTax before.  Also, Customer Support said that next year their software would not be compatable with Windows 7, i.e. it would not be backwards compatible.  Did Microsoft but TurboTax??  Is it time to switch to another product next year after years and years of being a loyal TurboTax customer?