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Originally that is what I was going to do until I got to the part about entering self-employed business info and it asked me to pick the owner of the business. I couldn't choose both of us, which is when my searches led me down this rabbit hole. I found that in order for my spouse and I both to pay into Social Security and medicare that we would have to treat the business as a partnership or a joint venture, in which the income and expenses would be split 50/50 according to our agreement. 50% of the business info would be entered twice, once reflecting me as the owner and once as my spouse.  Which is why I was wondering if I would use the same EIN for both entries.


I guess the question now, is if I put it all on one Schedule C, I still need to pick who the owner is even when filing jointly, will my spouse get credit for paying into SS and Medicare? If she won't then do I use the same EIN and enter 50% of the business info twice? 


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