How should I report income and a NY labor wage cla...
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How should I report income and a NY labor wage claim from a former employer if I don't know if they withheld taxes, haven't sent a W2 and they refuse to communicate?

I worked briefly for an employer before quitting after a few weeks. They cut me a personal check for my first two weeks and said how much they were going to withhold for taxes. However, I had to submit a claim to the NY state Dept of Labor to get paid for my last two weeks since neither they, or their employer, paid me, even after several communication attempts. The state was able to secure the rest of my pay, plus damages, from the employer. However, the state said that I would need to contact the employer to find out if I may have a tax liability. The employer is non-responsive. Since I haven't received a W2, I'm assuming I need to report the income somewhere, but I'm not sure where/what form. Can anyone assist me with this? Thank you so much!
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