Re: HSA/HDHP Self or Family Follow Up ?
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Wow - I'm still confused.  No - he did not have an HSA in 2018.  I did but did not contribute.  You indicate he can't do the QFD once he's on Medicare - that I understand. 


The goal was to open an HSA in his name in the amount of $2626 (for the 7 months of 2019 he had HDHP before beginning Medicare)  as a prior year contribution for 2019 using partial RMD funds.   The ? of 2018 coverage did come up in the interview and I answered yes to HDHP family for all of 2018. 


My confusion stems from reading the "testing period" - appears to be from the date the QFD transfer is made - here's a quote from Making Sense of the HSA Test from


"When you transfer your IRA or Roth IRA to your HSA"   -  Second Scenario

For the second and third scenarios, the testing period is the 13-month period starting on the first day of the month when the transfer happened and ending on the last day of the following 12th month (if you made a transfer in June, the testing period would be until the end of the following June).


As I read that - I understand that to mean that if the QFD is done in March 2020 (for prior year contribution) - he would have to remain eligible for the next 12 months - which clearly is not possible since he went on Medicare on August 1, 2019.


Am I misunderstanding the "testing period"?  Think I may be better off forgetting the QFD for him completely and just make the prior year contribution from a savings account?  Thoughts? 


Thanks again for your saintly patience!  I worked in law for 30+ years and it was a breeze compared to this! 🙂

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