Level 3

HSA/HDHP Self or Family

I have an HSA account in my name and pay expenses for both myself and my husband.  We both had health insurance through the Marketplace for 2019.  The Marketplace account indicates I am the recipient (Box 4) and my husband is listed as "Recipient's spouse's name"  (Box 7 Form 1095-A). 


In receipt of 3 1095-A's -  one for husband (covered by a HDHP from January - July, 2019) - he turned 65 in August 2019 and is now on Medicare.  I received one 1095-A covering January - August  (enrolled in a NON-HDHP).  Third 1095-A for me covers September - December (enrolled in a HDHP) 


We want to open an HSA for my husband for the months he is eligible (Jan-July) and I also want to add to mine. 


When the question of  "Let's Maximize your Contribution Limit" I need to choose each month of "self, family, or none" for myself and him.  I am confused - since we had different plans - does that mean the months I did NOT have an HDHP - is that self?  


FYI - as of December 1, 2018 we were both enrolled in an HDHP for the entire year of 2018


Thanks for any help!