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I think it is prudent to wait to file after Feb 15, end of Feb (best).  This is because many financial institutions, like Charles Schwab do not have the more complicated 1099R's complete and downloadable. They are subject to other institutions like Mutual Funds, changing Div's to Cap Gains, etc. and then have to re-issue 1099's as "Corrected".  This would be only if you do not have a complicated tax return.  If you have any MLP, Limited Partnerships, and some REITs - They can send you K1's and other forms through March!

You will not have to redo your TTax entries (file) as all the same data is re-entered into the new TTax Update, whether it is an updated form or a program change.


This is why any TTax Updates REQUIRE an explanation of what was updated so we know in the future - even after April 15th, whether the update changes our tax situation at all, or enough, to have to file an Amended Tax Return!!! Get it TTAX (Intuit)!!!

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