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@ dionelliott67 

You need to explain more for anyone to know what you are experiencing.


I'm not sure why you mention $90.  Where did that come from?

Underneath your question above, it appears you are using Online Deluxe, which is currently $40 for a Federal return and $40 for a state return.   That would total $80 if you have both returns.    If you choose to pay that out of your Federal refund, however, there is an additional $40 service fee for that payment method ($44.99 for California filers).  But if you chose that option, you can avoid that service fee by first removing that payment option and then paying by credit/debit card or a prepaid debit card you can buy in a store.


Or is the $90 figure the $80 product fees (if both Fed and state) plus some sales tax?


Or does the $90 you mentioned refer to the optional Live Deluxe upgrade for help from a CPA/EA tax expert?  Live Deluxe is an upgraded version of Deluxe that is $90 for Federal and $50 for state, and allows for on-demand help from a tax expert and a final review of your returns prior to filing.


Check your fees this way:

With your return open, go to the left menu column.

Click on TAX TOOLS, then TOOLS.

In the Tools popup window choose MY FEES.

What products and fees are displayed there?


We may be able to tell you how to remove some fees.