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To enter your Form 1098-T information (even when TurboTax thinks it has already been entered and is showing $0), go through the entire education expenses section of your return until you reach the screen titled “Your Education Expenses Summary”, then follow these steps:

  • Click Edit next to the student name.
  • On the screen titled “Here’s your Education Summary”, click Edit beside Tuition.
  • Enter the information from your Form 1098-T.


To go directly to the Education section of your return, use these steps:

  • On the top row of the TurboTax online screen, click on Search (or for CD/downloaded TurboTax locate the search box in the upper right corner)
  • This opens a box where you can type in “education” (be sure to enter exactly as shown here) and click the magnifying glass (or for CD/downloaded TurboTax, click Find)
  • The search results will give you an option to “Jump to education
  • Click on the blue “Jump to education” link
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