Every other year my daughters father and I switch ...
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Every other year my daughters father and I switch claiming her on our taxes. This is the first year I've claimed her, they keep refusing my refund but I don't have her

This year I don't have her as a dependent but it still won't let me file my taxes because I have her name in my tax return. Do I have to file single and take her off my taxes completely in order to file?
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If you are the custodial parent who the child lived with more than half the year, you can claim her as a qualifying child for EIC and child care credit even if the other spouse is claiming the dependency exemption. The status shown for the child in Personal Info would be "non dependent for EIC/child care only". If this is the status shown and that is correct for you as the custodial parent and your return is being rejected, then the other parent may be claiming that he or she is the custodial parent and claiming all of the child tax benefits. If he or she should not have claimed all the child tax benefits, you can leave your return the way it is but you will have to print and mail it to get it accepted. 

If you are not the custodial parent and the other parent is claiming the dependency exemption and all the other child tax benefits, the child should be deleted from your tax return.

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