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in preparation with TT's announcement that win 10 was needed for 2019 returns. , I created a dual boot system.  one ssd with win 7 and  one with win 10.   win 10 software was free.   before trying to install TT 2019 on win 7, i will use imaging software to create copy of the win 7 drive.  i will then try to install  TT.  if it fails and messes up the os, i have an image to restore drive to its original state.  will then try to install on the win 10 drive.   I will also create an image of the win 10 drive before installing TT on it.  who knows.  TT could be so junky that it might not even install - my system surpasses minimum system requirements.   


using tt for 2019 return on win 7 is a one year fix. because TT has said software for 2020 returns  will not install on win 7.




good luck to all desktop users 



by the way I used win 95 until windows xp was out for 2 years    lost much software even with disk and no licensing requirements. would not run or install even in compatibility mode.   issues seem to the software would not run on higher versions of direct x (no backward compatibility) 

next was from xp to win 7 more software lost - same issues